The purpose of this workshop was to identify important topics in the area of Embedded Systems where strong synergy between Korean and EU teams would have the greatest benefit. The aim was to achieve a common understanding and background on which future collaborative actions and joint projects can be based.
The workshop demonstrated the growing cooperation between Korea and the EU since the Framework Agreement on Trade and Co-operation entered into force in April 2001, in particular in the field of information technology considered by both partners as an industrial growth engine.

Embedded systems are computer or communications technology that is placed inside appliances and machines to enable them to carry out a certain function through wireless communication or via sensor or control capabilities.

Industrial machines, cars, medical equipment, cameras, household appliances, aircraft, vending machines, toys, mobile phones and PDAs are just some of the products in which embedded systems can be used.

The strong and increasing penetration of embedded systems in products and services creates new business opportunities for enterprises. Embedded intelligence provides comfort, safety and productivity growth to a growing number of industrial sectors. However, the increasing system complexity and market shifts are constant challenges that need new and radical scientific and technical solutions.

The workshop brought together high level researchers from industry and academia with policy representatives from Korea and EU.

Directorate General Information Society, Embedded Unit:



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