First European-SouthAmerican School for Embedded Systems - Programme

Component-based Modeling of Heterogeneous Real-time Systems

Component-based Modeling of Heterogeneous Real-time Systems

Joseph Sifakis

Course contents
  1. Modeling Heterogeneous Real-Time Systems
    • Existing Approaches
    • Sources of Heterogeneity: interaction, execution, abstraction
  2. Component-Based Construction
    • Principles and requirements for composition
    • Correctness-by-construction
  3. Composition of heterogeneous systems
    • Interaction Models and their Composition
      • Connectors and their properties
      • The algebra of connectors
    • Priorities and their Composition
      • Controllers for state invariance and deadlock-freedom
      • Scheduler Modeling and Composability
      • Composition of priorities
  4. Correctness by Construction
    • Results for deadlock-freedom and liveness
    • Timed Systems with Priorities
  5. The BIP component framework
    • Methodology
      • System Construction Space and applications
      • Relating classes of systems
        • Timed vs. Untimed Systems
        • Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Systems
    • The BIP Tools and
      • The BIP Language
      • The BIP pLatform
      • Associated Analysis and Implementation Tools
  6. Applications: MPEG Video Encoder, Wireless Sensor networks
  7. Research Directions and Open Issues
    • Structural Expressiveness of Component-based Formalisms
    • Reducing Componentization Overheads
    • Implementation problems

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