Dedicated Systems Magazine and e-Magazine is an International Quarterly Publication specialised in real-time issues and embedded system design, distributed world-wide in an electronic and paper version and published in English. Through this publication you keep yourself updated on hardware, software and engineering issues. It supplies you with business information and offers in-depth articles on real-time related subjects from THE specialists.

Each issue follows the state of the art and covers different themes. You will find themes on Bus (VME and non-VME), Real-Time Operating Systems, Tools (CASE, Bus Analysers, Debuggers, Monitors, Simulators, Compilers, Emulators,...), Systems (I/O, Backplane design, Networking,...), Chips, Safe System Design, etc.

It is THE magazine for engineers with a high workload who don’t have the possibility to spend much time on specialised training courses and workshops. Reading Dedicated Systems Magazine and e-Magazine is a way to get valuable information about the real-time market, products and engineering methods. It gives you an open, independent view and vision on the actual and future state of the art.

For time being, only the e-version is available and no subscription is needed yet.

See it online!

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