Year4 Review

December 11-12, 2008       Brussels, Belgium

Financial Reporting

Any partner who has not sent complete information to the CDC by the due dates (see below in red) will have their yearly payment delayed. Any questions regarding financial reporting should be sent to Frédéric Vollé. Any questions regarding the budget allocations should be sent to Bruno Bouyssounouse.
Signed documents should be sent to:Frédéric Vollé
FP Projects Management
Caisse des Dépôts
15, quai Anatole France
75007 Paris - France

Extension for Period 4

Reporting Period 4 has been extended, and now covers September 1st 2007 to September 30th 2008 (13 months). Thus, costs incurred in September 2008 are now eligible. NB: You may also make adjustments to previous periods, if needed (be sure to send a justification, as well as the breakdown between direct and indirect costs for the adjustment, to Frédéric Vollé).

ADMIN Information, for the Project Management Report

IMPORTANT: Please save this file to your disk, and THEN open it.
- Please fill out ARTIST2_4th Periodic Management Report.xls.
The INTRO tab contains instructions and should be self-explanatory. Please contact me (Frédéric Vollé) if you have any questions.
ADMIN information MUST be sent electronically to the CDC, by October 15th 2008.

Signed Form C (Cost Statement)

IMPORTANT: Please save this file to your disk, and THEN open it.
- We’ve made a template for each partner (one per tab), in the file: Forms C ARTIST2_4th PMR_Aug08.xls
- See the accompanying note : ARTIST2_Help Form C_Aug08.xls
The signed Form C MUST be received by the CDC by October 31st 2008.

Signed Audit Certificate

Numerous errors occurred on last year’s audit certificates.
- Thus, we strongly recommend that you use an EC-approved template.
Each partner provides an audit certificate at the end of each reporting period. The Audit Certificate covers all eligible costs submitted for ARTIST2 that are not yet covered by a previous Audit Certificate.
The signed original Audit certificate MUST be received by the CDC by October 31st 2008. To allow the CDC to check the Audit Certificate asap, please send it first either by fax (+33 1 58 50 04 45), or a scanned copy to

Further information

The Commission has provided Financial Guidelines, to help answer partners’ questions about eligible costs and reporting.
The financial rules are described formally in the EC Contract Annex II: General Conditions.


best regards,
Frédéric Vollé     ++33 (0)1 58 50 98 29

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