The purpose of this cluster is to integrate different view points and approaches to MPSoC design and programming. Therefore, the work is based on existing and future hardware platforms and their expected properties as well as anticipated application domains. The cluster will consider the hardware architecture and software components in their interaction, investigate tools for accurate estimation of certain design parameters (power, performance) based on appropriate models for hardware and software components, and provide the designer with adequate support for design space exploration and optimisation.

The importance of resource awareness in embedded systems is growing very rapidly. One major aspect is predictability, in particular concerning the timing behaviour. With the growing software content in embedded systems, and the diffusion of highly programmable and re configurable platform, software is given an unprecedented degree of control on resource utilization. Therefore, the major focus of the combined activities is to establish a design methodology that;

  • scales to massively parallel and heterogeneous multiprocessor architectures,

  • allows for predictable system properties

  • uses the available hardware resources in an efficient manner.

Promising approaches are based on increasing the adaptivity on various levels and on composable frameworks.

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