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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
Special Section on: Formal Methods for Embedded Systems Design

While confined to domain-specific, safety critical, system design activities in the recent past, embedded systems have today become so common that they can be found in most industrial applications. While such an explosive growth of applications is by itself spectacular, what is equally spectacular is that a many of these systems have a safety critical functions which they fulfill without any noticeable departure. However, as the complexity grows, and more human lives depend on correct functioning of such systems, one has to be extremely cautious in designing such systems. Formal theories based in sound semantic models that lead to verifiable designs or correct-by-construction designs are needed. The choice of a suitable model of computation and of communication, and of a formal, tool-supported, design methodology, rather than just some general programming guideline, immensely influences the reliability of the system that will be produced.

Topics of the section

Papers are invited that deal with formal methods for embedded system design. The topics of interest cover the match of semantic foundations with an actual engineering practice, influence and interaction between alternative architectural, computational models, case studies on design of verifiable or correct-by-construction embedded systems, optimization and design-space exploration techniques for embedded system design based on domain specific models and architectures, comparative study of models and architectures for embedded system specification and design, model driven design and verification of embedded systems.

Paper submission deadline: September 30, 2007
Expected publication date: November 2008 (tentative)

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