ARTIST2 meeting on Integrated Modular Avionics

November 12-13, 2007       Roma, Italy organised and funded by ARTIST 

Integrated Modular Avionics

Presentation and Aim

Today, the exponentially increasing diversity of airborne systems results in an ever increasing number of computers and controllers for system management, monitoring, and control. The development of specific ad-hoc solutions causes increases in costs, which in turn impacts purchase prices and operational costs. To overcome this, standardization principles and reuse of function units are now considered, via Integrated Modular Avionics.

Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) has set the principles of standardized components and interfaces of hardware and software in aircraft. These principles have been applied for the first time in the development of the Airbus A380. Further developing IMA raises a number of issues that require fundamental research efforts, in tight coordination with engineering needs.

ARTIST2, the European Network of Excellence on embedded systems has organized, as part of its activity on "scientific challenges in specific industrial sectors", a two-day workshop dedicated to Systems, Software, and Architecture, aspects of IMA.

The workshop analyzed:
  • the issues and difficulties encountered by aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers,
  • the specific research problems that result from the above issues, and,
  • the recent advances in research that may contribute to overcoming the above difficulties.


Parades Laboratory, in the historical center of Roma, Via di San Pantaleo 66, 00186 Roma.
To allow for tight and fruitful interaction, the attendance was limited to 50 participants.

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