Joint Programme of Activities (JPA)

Joint Programme of Activities for Spreading Excellence (JPASE]


The visibility of the ARTIST2 research effort in embedded systems design is worldwide. This is progressively creating a European embedded systems design community, and spreading the “artist culture” in all major research institutions.

To ensure that the next generation of researchers will continue in this direction we, as a consortium, devote a great deal of effort to Spreading Excellence, in both academic and industrial circles. Furthermore, we are actively setting up structures for permanents links between industry and public research, leveraging on existing partner collaborations with major industrial players in the area.

ARTIST2 has a strategic impact on the integration of multiple academic research communities, which are necessary to establish the new area of embedded systems design. The NoE contributes to the construction of a framework for integration, which reflects the complexity of the topics involved and the different communities.

Our actions for Spreading Excellence are at 2 levels:
- Targeted towards affiliated partners
- Targeted towards the scientific and technical community at large


Affiliated Partners

Affiliated partners are not core members in the consortium, but receive support for travelling to Artist2 meetings, and actively contribute to the implementation of the Joint Programme of Activities (JPA). These affiliated partners include industrial, SME, academic, and international affiliates.

The NoE has 14 large industrial affiliated partners, 12 SMEs, 23 academic, and 14 international affiliated partners. Almost all of these partners have participated in one or more of our technical events over the course of the Year 1. We have also had a very large number of participants from the wider research and industrial communities, who are not listed officially.


Scientific and Technical Community in the Large

This is achieved mainly bottom-up through the organisation of scientific events, publications, distribution of tools and components, industrial partnerships (not funded by Artist2), education; and through the Artist2 web pages.

Our sponsoring policy aims specifically at enforcing integration of existing scientific events in the area. This is sought in particular through the creation of Embedded Systems Week, in which we have played a crucial role. The ambition is that Embedded Systems Week federates an increasingly large number of existing scientific events within a single week. Another concrete example is our action within the DATE conference, in which we are working to shift the emphasis towards becoming the central European conference on embedded systems design.

Regarding Scientific events, we distinguish between conferences and workshops, schools, and high-level events mainly for International Collaboration.

The ARTIST2 community effectively plays an important role and leads the initiatives for organizing the most significant conferences in the area. In Europe, it has a very strong presence in the DATE conference, which is becoming the main conference on embedded systems within Europe. Over the past 3 years, the chairs of DATE have all been leading Artist
members. Also for the past 3 years, we have organized 1-day Artist workshops within the DATE framework, on cutting-edge topics and including presentations from both Artist participants, and other world-class speakers.

Artist members have a leading role in the organisation of the Euromicro conferences. This year, we have sponsored the 31st Euromicro Conference - Special session on Model Driven
Engineering (MDE).

In international conferences, the ACM’s flagship conference, EmSoft, has been initiated by leading members of Artist2. These researchers now chair the steering and executive committees. Artist partners are also in leading positions for conferences as RTSS (Real-Time Systems Symposium), CODES/ISS, Workshop on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES). Further details regarding sponsoring, as well as specific events and publications are given in this document.

Artist partners are also active members of the ACM’s SIGBED, and the IEEE’s upcoming Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems currently being set up. Artist members actively work for structuring international events on embedded systems.

ACM and IEEE now organize an Embedded Systems Week, including EmSoft and CODES/ISS, in which Artist plays a leading role.

The full set of events organised and/or sponsored by Artist2 is available online here.

ARTIST2 also organized schools with top European lecturers, on a regular basis. The full list is available here.

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