Research and Integration

Artist2’s main objective was to set up a scientific community in the area of embedded systems. Our approach consisted in gathering together clusters, which are teams, on essential topics in embedded systems design. The integration effort consisted of strengthening coherency within the clusters (cluster integration activities), and integration between clusters (NoE Integration activities). Integration was driven by work around cutting-edge research activities, technical platforms, and dissemination / spreading excellence.

Links to the full set of Artist2 activities is available here.

We aimed to create a lasting structure that will continue to benefit the research community and industry well beyond the lifespan of the NoE financing. Each cluster acted as a single scientific team, carrying out the Joint Programme of Activities (JPA), as agreed. Each cluster had one or more scientific leaders, who led the team and coordinated the effort.

The NoE clusters reflected the following elements from of the embedded systems design flow, which is composed of the following cooperating activities, starting with requirements capture and leading to implementation. These activities were well coordinated, and supported by tools and methods to ensure satisfactory levels of productivity and quality.

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