Joint Programme of Activities (JPA)

The Artist2 NoE implements a Joint Programme of Activities, composed of:
  • Joint Programme of Integration Activities (JPIA)
    including sharing research platforms, tools, and facilities, as well as Staff Mobility and exchanges.

    These activities promote horizontal integration of geographically dispersed teams – each excellent in one or more topics -, and vertical and trans-disciplinary integration of traditionally separated topics. All these activities will have long-lasting effects, well beyond the duration of the initial EC funding.
  • Joint Programme of Research Activities (JPRA)
    promote excellence and integration either at the cluster level (Cluster-Integration activities) or at the NoE level (NoE Integration activities).

    Integration may These activities are expected to move the state of the art forward, and have a real impact on work done in other teams, for both research and development.
  • Joint Programme of Activities for Spreading Excellence (JPASE)
    allow excellence to spread from the JPRA and JPIA activities, to the larger embedded systems community.

    These usually take the form of workshops, schools, seminars, and publications (books, course materials, etc). Spreading excellence activities also allow the Artist2 partners to gain useful contacts and information from outside the NoE.
  • Joint Programme of Management Activities (JPMA)
    plan, organize, direct and monitor the integrated effort to efficiently achieve the technical objectives within the ARTIST2 constraints of time schedule and budget.

The full set of Artist2 Research and Integration activities is available here.

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