Joint Programme of Activities (JPA)

Joint Programme of Integration Activities (JPIA)

The Joint Programme of Integrating Activities (JPIA) contains the technical but non-research activities that participate in the overall effort. As with the JPRA, the main financing for these technical activities is derived from other sources, and is small in comparison with the overall objectives.


The JPIA is composed of Platform Activities (roughly one for each cluster), and Mobility actions between partners – both core and affiliated partners.
Integration between research teams work to achieve critical mass in 2 important dimensions:

- Strong integration within selected topics by assembling the best European teams, to advance the state of the art in the topic.
- Integration between topics to achieve the multi-disciplinary excellence and skills required for the development of future embedded technologies.


Types of Activities

Both types of integration are achieved through JPIA activities involving:
  • Sharing Research Platforms, Tools, and Facilities
    State of the art research platforms, composed of competencies, resources, and tools targeting specific technical and scientific objectives around a chosen topic. These are made available to the R&D community for experimentation, demonstration, evaluation, and teaching. The ARTIST2 platforms integrate the results of long-term efforts, and are meant to be durable, evolving with the state of the art. The partners are committed to durability, and have invested significant resources into their development.

    The construction of ARTIST2 has provided the opportunity to assemble existing pieces into a rationally-structured set of platforms, covering the area of embedded systems design. Some of the ARTIST2 platforms have international visibility, and the ambition is for these to serve as world-wide references in their respective topics.

  • Staff Mobility and Exchanges
    Within Year 1, 40 different staff mobility actions have taken place between Artist2 partners (see section 6.1 of the “Spreading Excellence” deliverable). This is an essential activity for integration within the NoE, including mobility of students and/or researchers, between core teams, or between core teams and affiliated teams.
    To encourage exchange between core teams and affiliated industrial teams, specific scholarships co-funded with industry have been initiated in Year 1 and will be increased in Year 2:
    • Joint scholarships co-funded with industry.
    • Exchange of students and personnel within the consortium.
    • ARTIST2 Distinguished Lecturer Programme.
    • Support for relocating staff and teams (according to needs).

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