Joint Programme of Activities (JPA)

Joint Programme of Management Activities (JPMA)

We distinguish 3 levels in the management structure, each composed of a set of bodies (see figure below):
  • Advisory Bodies. The Intellectual Property and Dissemination Commttee (IPDC), and the Gender Issues Task Force (GITF).
  • Strategy-making Bodies. The General Assembly, and the Strategic Management Board.
  • Operational Bodies. The Executive Management Board, the ARTIST2 Office, and the Cluster Leaders (represented by asterisks in the diagram below).

ARTIST2 addresses critical, rapidly evolving technical issues in embedded systems design. The characteristics of the related research activities imply the following structural guidelines to optimise the results:
  • Autonomy of the management and the management structure
    As discussed below, the ARTIST2 management should be responsible for the definition and control of the relevant research activities, as well as their funding, to assure that they all progress in harmony with the general ARTIST2 goals.

  • Openness to new ideas, partners and research activities
    The partners and activities described in this proposal were chosen for their relevance and quality. It is likely that nearly all of them will remain in the project for the life of the NoE, which is expected to last numerous years after the end of the present funding application. Nonetheless, as discussed before, the NoE should remain open and receptive to innovation and any relevant developments. The NoE has been designed to be structurally open, through its various activities, such as: International Collaboration, Education and Training, Industrial Liaison. Furthermore, the composition of the network will remain dynamic, and be able to accommodate new partners.

  • Adaptability of research
    Even long-term activities must be modifiable to follow changes in technology and science. The current JPA reflects the current state of the art and resulting priorities, research challenges and related applications in the area. ARTIST2 addresses fast-moving research and development objectives. The NoE will stay responsive to new trends and needs, and will adapt the focus of its activities consequently.

Project management refers to planning, organizing, directing and monitoring the integrated effort to efficiently achieve the technical objectives within the ARTIST2 constraints of time schedule and budget. In the following, we describe the management structure that we foresee for the administrative, scientific and financial management of the NoE and upon which the scientific and financial controls will be based. As discussed below, we have tried to keep the budget allocation as open as possible to guarantee the NoE’s efficiency.

Given the size and complexity of ARTIST2, we realise how important a strong management structure will be to our success. The management aspects have been studied carefully. The structure outlined below is based on the consortium’s expertise with previous large European projects.

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