Joint Programme of Activities (JPA)

Joint Programme of Research Activities (JPRA)

The Joint Programme of Research Activities (JPRA) is composed of intra and inter-cluster research activities on cutting-edge topics in embedded systems design. While the main bulk of financing for these activities is taken up by outside programmes (Integrated Projects, National Programmes, Industrial Contracts, etc), the Artist2 NoE finances the extra burden due derived from integrating these into a single coherent research programme.

Thus, the essential ingredient within Artist2 is the JPRA, which motivates the participating research teams far more than the actual financing, which is tiny in comparison with the overall research aims. It is completed by the Joint Programme of Integrating Activities (JPIA), and the Joint Programme of Activities for Spreading Excellence (JPASE), and overseen by the Joint Programme of Management Activities (JPMA).

The structure of the research activities reflects the following decomposition of the embedded systems design flow, composed of the following cooperating activities, starting with requirements capture and leading to implementation.

These activities must be well coordinated, and supported by tools and methods to ensure satisfactory levels of productivity and quality. Accordingly, we have structured the area of embedded systems design into the following topics.

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