APRES 2011

April 11th, 2011      Chicago, USA (within CPS Week 2011) organised and funded by ARTIST 


Keynote lecture by John Knight:

Adaptation: An Essential But Challenging System Characteristic

The complexity of modern embedded systems has reached a point where adaptation in response to change during operation has become an essential design requirement. This requirement appears partly because of the complexity of the computing system and partly because of the system in which the computing system is embedded.
Many examples of the requirement are emerging in the aerospace domain. Modern manned aircraft avionics systems, for example, provide extraordinary functionality, but they are also highly interconnected and flight crucial. Aircraft system failures have to be expected and avionics systems must adapt to allow continued safe operation. In unmanned air systems, avionics is taking on increasing responsibility for managing safety in autonomous operation yet weight and power limitations preclude high levels of redundancy. Such aircraft system architectures must be prepared to maintain safe operation with either limited or no input from operators on the ground and without relying on traditional fault-masking techniques.

Using examples from the aerospace domain, this presentation will review the general notion of system adaptation and the associated role of adaptation in embedded computing systems.

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