APRES 2011

April 11th, 2011      Chicago, USA (within CPS Week 2011) organised and funded by ARTIST 

3rd Workshop on Adaptive and Reconfigurable Embedded Systems (APRES 2011)

Adaptive embedded systems can respond to environmental changes including hardware/software defects, resource changes, and non-continual feature usage. As such, adaptive systems can extend the area of operations and improve efficiency in the use of system resources. However, adaptability also incurs overhead in terms of system complexity and resource requirements. For example, an adaptive system requires some means for reconfiguration. These means and their mechanisms introduce additional complexity to the design and the architecture of the system, at the same time require additional resources such as computation, power, and communication bandwidth. Consequently, adaptive systems must be diligently planned, designed, analyzed, and built to find the right tradeoffs between flexibility and complexity.

A key challenge in the development of adaptive systems is how to provide adaptability to the application, because it affects all aspects of the development process (e.g., capturing, methodologies, modeling, analysis, testing, and implementation), the chosen system technologies (e.g., computation and communication models, interfaces, component-based design, programming languages, dependability, and design patterns) and the system itself (e.g., operating system, middleware, network protocols, and application frameworks). Currently, adaptability and its resulting tradeoffs are usually ignored until a very late stage of the system development process. Existing systems are often built by retrofitting existing prototypes, middleware, operating systems, and protocols with concepts and means for flexibility such as run-time system reconfiguration or reflexive diagnostics and steering methods. Such retrofitting typically leads to disproportionate overhead, unusual tradeoffs, and less satisfactory results.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an open forum to discuss new and on-going research that is centered on the idea of adaptability as first class citizen and that considers the involved tradeoffs. The target audience includes researchers from academia, tool vendors, system suppliers, and users in industry who are interested in the all aspects of the topics mentioned below. The workshop will be based on presentations of selected works with sufficient time for feedback from the audience and discussions. We encourage all the prospective participants to submit short papers, work-in-progress reports, or position papers.

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