Operating Systems and Middleware

ISO/IEC 23004 Information Technology - Multimedia Middleware

Alejandro Alonso (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
Short name for the Standard:
MPEG Multimedia Middleware (M3W)

Short description:
The goal of the MPEG Multimedia Middleware (M3W) is to improve application portability and interoperability through the specification of a set of APIs dedicated to multimedia.

The number of applications that use intensively multimedia functionality is increasing: multimedia players/browsers, e-learning, corporate information, games, interactive DVD, digital television, etc. On the other hand, there are many choices for their implementation: multiple operating systems and run-time environments, multiple software development formats and approaches, and multiple APIs.

The consequences of this panorama is that it is hard for application developers to create and maintain applications in this environment, it is difficult for application and service providers to deliver applications for their installed based of devices and it is hard for devices manufacturers to offer compelling platforms capable of being quickly provisioned with multimedia applications.

In order to alleviate these problems, the M3W aims at defining a set
of APIs:
  • To allow application software to execute multimedia functions with a minimum knowledge of the inner workings of the multimedia middleware, and
  • To allow the triggering of updates to the multimedia middleware to extend the API.

Official name, version:
ISO/IEC 23004 Information Technology - Multimedia Middleware

Web references:

Artist2 Main participants:
Alejandro Alonso (UPM)

Expected Next Major Release Date:
September 2007. Publication of the first version of the standard

Technical Area(s) Addressed:
Cluster: Adaptive Real-Time Systems
Sub-areas: QoS-aware components, Adaptive Resource Management for
Consumer Electronics.

Name of the Relevant Standardisation Body:
International Organization for Standardization

Main Leader or Contact Person:
Jean Gelissen (Philips)

Industrial Domains:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Multimedia Systems

Industrial Gains:
This standard allows applications to control and extended multimedia middleware, multimedia software to be easily developed and deployed in different platforms and transparent and augmented use of multimedia resources across a wide variety of network and devices, to allow users to get optimal quality.

This standard also provides a component and services framework which will allow the integration of software from third parties in a smooth way.

Name of the Relevant Artist2 team(s):
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Artist partners’ Roles and Responsibilities:
UPM has contributed in the definition of the Resource Management support.

Main other non-ARTIST participants:
Philips, Nokia, Ikerlan, CSEM, TuE, VisualTools.

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