Towards a Systematic Approach to Embedded System Design

April 20th, 2007       Acropolis Nice, France organised and funded by ARTIST 

Objectives and Scope

European research is developing leading-edge tools, working towards a systematic approach to Embedded Systems Design. Industry has strong needs for design methods and tools. Although significant gaps remain between the underlying technologies - such as modelling languages and analysis techniques-, a system-oriented approach is the long-term objective.

This workshop aims to increase awareness about existing tools, and the transfer of these results to industry.

Embedded systems are employed in a wide range of application domains, with differing requirements - leading to different needs in terms of tools. We do however believe that there are many commonalities in dealing with complex embedded systems, such as approaches to architectural design, analysis and testing.

This workshop aims to:
  • Increase awareness for potential industrial users about existing leading-edge academic embedded systems design tools.
  • Report on industrial use of these results and tools, through specific cases presented by industrial users.
  • Present and discuss industrial needs and challenges to systematic Embedded Systems Design and development.
  • Discuss measures for improving accessibility and transfer of academic results.

The workshop will present state-of-the-art Embedded Systems Design tools and platforms, and their industrial applications.

Target audience: Industry representatives and researchers wishing to interact about applications and needs for leading-edge Embedded Systems Design tools. This is a clear opportunity to learn about existing tools, and to discuss orientations for future evolution.

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