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ARTEMIS    Platform      European Technology Platform on Embedded Systems press release


ASSERT IP Automated proof-based System and Software Engineering for Real-Time systems
DECOS IP Dependable Embedded Components and Systems
HiPEAC NoE High-Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation
HyCon NoE Networked, embedded control systems
MODELWARE IP MODELling solution for softWARE systems
RUNES IP Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Networked Embedded Systems
ATESST STREP Advancing Traffic Efficiency and Safety through Software Technology
DySCAS Dynamically Self-Configuring Automotive Systems
NB: The full set of ongoing IST FP6 projects in embedded systems is available here.


East-EEA   Embedded Electronic Architecture
SIRENA   Service Infrastructure for Real time Embedded Networked Applications
ADANETS   ADAptative NETworks and Services


4G Radio A107 System on Chip Application Platform towards 4th Generation Radio
SUPERSTAR A108 Silicon Universal Platform for Secured Telecom Application
SpeAC A508 Specification and Algorithm/Architecture Co-Design for Highly Complex Applications in Automotive and Communication


EuroSoC European Network on Design, Verification, Testing, Standardization and Training for Nanometer CMOS System-on-Chip

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