Between Control and Software (in honor of Paul Caspi)

September 28th, 2007       VERIMAG - Grenoble, France organised and funded by ARTIST 

Between Control and Software

Workshop in honor of Paul Caspi
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The relationship between control and computation has been in the focus of the research of Paul Caspi, leading, among other things, to the development of the Lustre language which combines the high-level description of control loops as viewed by the control engineer, with insights coming from the theory and practice of programming languages. The result has led to one of the rare examples of a programming language making it way from sound theory to an industrial-strength tool, used in the development of critical parts of the airplanes, nuclear plants, elevators and public transportation systems.

The workshop Between Control and Software, synchronized with the retirement of Paul Caspi in autumn 2007, will bring together experts in the field and collaborators of Paul at different periods for a series of lectures. Registration information will be published later.

*** Venue has changed!!! ***
The workshop will take place at the CTL amphitheater on the university campus.



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Registration is Mandatory

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