July 1st, 2008       Prague, Czech Republic (with ERCTS 2008) organised and funded by ARTIST 


in conjunction with the
20th Euromicro Intl Conference on Real-Time Systems
Prague, Czech Republic, July 2 - 4, 2008

The Euromicro Technical Committee organizes a number of satellite events attached to its 20th International Real-Time Systems Conference. This workshop is the eighth on the series of WCET workshops that started at the 2001 Euromicro conference.


The goal of the workshop is to bring together people from academia, tool vendors and users in industry that are interested in all aspects of timing analysis for real-time systems. The workshop fosters a highly interactive format with ample time for in-depth discussions. It provides a relaxed forum to present and discuss new ideas, new research directions, and to review current trends in this area. The presentations will be kept short to leave plenty of time for interaction of attendees.


The topics of the workshop include any issue related to timing analysis, in particular:
  • Different approaches at computing WCET
  • Flow analysis for WCET
  • Fow-level timing analysis, modeling and analysis of processor features
  • Strategies to reduce the complexity of WCET analysis
  • Integration of WCET and schedulability analysis
  • Evaluation and case studies
  • Measurement-based WCET analysis
  • Tools for timing analysis
  • Design for timing predictability
  • Integration of WCET analysis into the development process
  • Compiler optimizations for worst-case paths
  • WCET analysis for multi-processors, multi-cores or SMTs

Statements which are innovative, controversial, or that present new approaches are specially sought.

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Prague, Czech Republic, July 2 - 4, 2008

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