WCET’08 - Program


July 1st, 2008       Prague, Czech Republic (with ERCTS 2008) organised and funded by ARTIST 


09:00-09:30 : Registration

09:30-11:00 : Session 1: Methods for WCET Computation
Chair: Peter Puschner
  • Towards an Automatic Parametric WCET Analysis,
    Stefan Bygde, Björn Lisper (slides)
  • Improving the WCET computation time by IPET using control flow graph partitioning,
    Clément Ballabriga, Hugues Casse (slides)
  • Towards Predicated WCET Analysis,
    Amine Marref, Guillem Bernat (slides)
  • INFER: Interactive Timing Profiles based on Bayesian Networks,
    Michael Zolda (slides)

11:00-11:15 : Coffee Break

11:15-12:30 : Session 2: Flow Analysis
Chair: Reinhard Wilhelm
  • Towards a Common WCET Annotation Language: Essential Ingredients,
    Raimund Kirner, Albrecht Kadlec, Peter Puschner, Adrian Prantl, Markus Schordan, Jens Knoop (slides)
  • Computing Time as a Program Variable: a Way Around Infeasible Paths,
    Niklas Holsti (slides)
  • Merging Techniques for Faster Derivation of WCET Flow Information using Abstract Execution,
    Jan Gustafsson, Andreas Ermedahl (slides)

12:30-14:00 : Lunch

14:00-14:45 : Invited Talk
Chair: Raimund Kirner
  • From WCET to System Level Analysis,
    Rolf Ernst (Technical University Braunschweig) (slides)

14:45-15:30 : Session 3: System-level Analysis
Chair: Isabelle Puaut
  • On Composable System Timing, Task Timing, and WCET Analysis,
    Peter Puschner, Martin Schoeberl (slides)
  • WCET Analysis for preemptive Systems,
    Sebastian Altmeyer, Gernot Gebhard (slides)

15:30-15:45 : Coffee Break

15:45-17:15 : Session 4: Low-level Analysis + WCET Tools
Chair: Björn Lisper
  • Applying WCET analysis at architectural level,
    Olivier Gilles, Jerome Hugues slides
  • Traces as a Solution to Pessimism and Modeling Costs in WCET Analysis,
    Jack Whitham, Neil Audsley (slides)
  • A Tool for Average and Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis,
    David Hickey, Michel Schellekens [no slides]
  • TuBound - A Conceptually New Tool for Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis,
    Adrian Prantl, Markus Schordan, Jens Knoop (slides)

17:15-17:40 : Reports from WCET Tool Challenge 2008
Chair: Guillem Bernat
  • WCET Tool Challenge - Introduction and status report and questions arising,
    Niklas Holsti (slides)

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