DataFlow Modeling for Embedded Systems 2008

May 5th, 2008       Pisa, Italy organised and funded by ARTIST 


Artist2 - ACTORS workshop on DataFlow Modeling for Embedded Systems using the CAL Actor Language.

The standard imperative programming model (e.g. C/C++) is not always the best choice for utilizing modern embedded hardware to the maximum. For a large class of embedded system applications including feedback control, signal processing and multimedia streaming and processing, dataflow models and dataflow languages, in particular actor languages, have superior properties.

The topic of this workshop is the dataflow model/language CAL (CAL Actor Language), that recently has been developed within the Ptolemy II project at University of Berkeley. CAL is currently being used within the FP7 STREP project ACTORS and by Xilinx for modeling FPGA applications. CAL is also in the process of being adopted as the specification language for codecs within the MPEG-4 standard.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together the groups that are working with CAL and to discuss how CAL can be used within the context of embedded systems. The workshop is a one day event with a number of invited speakers, both from industry and academia. It is aimed at the novice CAL programmer, as well as the more seasoned dataflow researcher.

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