ARTIST School in South America 2009: Embedded Systems Design

August 3-7, 2009       Buenos Aires, Argentina organised and funded by ARTIST 


This third edition in Buenos Aires, Argentina, seeks to continue strengthening the cooperation between Europe and South America in the area of embedded systems, both at educational and research levels. For this purpose, the goal of the school is to provide state-of-the-art courses on embedded systems oriented towards advanced students and young researchers.

Since its first edition in 2007, the school has been the ground for cross-fertilization between Europe and South America, students and researchers share and interchange knowledge and problems, in an open-minded way.

In 2009, the school will be colocated with the Escuela de Ciencias Informáticas (ECI), regularly organized by the Department of Computer Science of University of Buenos Aires. The ARTIST program will be focused on system-level programming and analysis, related with very important issues such as time and dynamic memory management.

Past Editions

  • 2008  Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianopolis, Brazil
  • 2007  Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), Buenos Aires, Argentina

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