ARTIST School in South America 2009: Embedded Systems Design

August 3-7, 2009       Buenos Aires, Argentina organised and funded by ARTIST 


MaRTE OS: POSIX operating system for real-time embedded applications

Mario Aldea, University of Cantabria, Spain

This course presented the main real-time operating system services defined in the POSIX minimum real-time profile. These services allow application developers to write portable applications that meet their real-time requirements, and that may be implemented on small embedded systems.

During the course, MaRTE OS will be used as the platform to run the examples and exercises. MaRTE OS is a free implementation of the POSIX minimum real-time profile. It is designed for embedded systems and provides a development environment for Ada, C, C++, or mixed language real-time applications.

The course will describe the main features of MaRTE OS, its architecture and some implementation details. Also the MaRTE OS cross development environment will be presented.

Explicit, dynamic memory management with temporal and spatial guarantees

Christoph Kirsch, Univerisity of Salzburg, Austria

This course gives an introduction to the problem of explicit, dynamic memory management in systems that require temporal and/or spatial guarantees. Predictable memory management is key to introducing many higher-level programming abstractions to such systems.

The course will focus on allocating, deallocating, and accessing contiguous pieces of memory using techniques ranging from basic but unpredictable methods such as Best-fit and First-fit to the latest, fully predictable method called Compact-fit.

Students will hear about the fundamental problem of managing contiguous pieces of memory (fragmentation), and learn how to deal with it in general (compaction, coalescing) but also in real time (partial compaction) and in the presence of concurrency (incremental compaction).

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