NFPinDSML 2010

October 3-5, 2010      Oslo, Norway (within MODELS 2010) organised with Artist partners 



Deadline has been extended to August 2.


The 3rd NFPinDSML workshop brings together researchers and practitioners that explore non-functional system properties (NFP) estimation and evaluation in software systems engineering using Model Driven Engineering principles. It studies the principles of NFP estimation and evaluation (formal models, simulation and measurement) and their integration in modeling languages and software engineering processes using Model Driven Engineering (MDE) principles.

Intended audience.

Intended audience is researchers and practitioners from areas of software engineering, software language engineering, and NFP estimation and evaluation


The importance of NFPs is generally acknowledged by the SE community. NFPs of software systems are at least important as their functionality, and must be considered during the design. For software systems, engineering modeling and modeling languages (general purpose and domain specific) are becoming a common-place.

Nevertheless, the study of engineering modeling languages, their integration, and particularly integration in software engineering processes (SEP) still lack common principles.

The typical NFPinDSML paper
  • studies modeling language specifications, and mechanisms of languages integration such as annotations, transformations, and traceability links, for NFP evaluation of final software product NFPs.

Additionally, a NFPinDSML paper also studies
  • integration of languages for software development and NFP estimation in the process of software engineering and maintenance. In this way, a user of a modeling language optimizes the design with respect to values of different NFPs attributes, at predefined point in software engineering process.


This year’s topic of the workshop is integration of NFPs in requirements, assessment and certification in modeling languages and software engineering processes using MDE principles.

The workshop focuses on relevant languages for requirements specification, languages for estimation and evaluation of non-functional properties, and integration of estimation, evaluation, and certification in software engineering process.

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