NFPinDSML 2010

October 3-5, 2010      Oslo, Norway (within MODELS 2010) organised with Artist partners 


The workshop focuses on relevant languages for requirements specification, languages for estimation and evaluation of non-functional properties, and integration of estimation, evaluation, and certification in software engineering process.

The workshop topics include, but are not restricted to:
  • Requirements modeling languages and non-functional properties
  • Early aspects for non-functional properties
  • Traceability of non-functional requirements in modeling languages
  • Estimation and evaluation of non-functional properties in the software engineering process using different techniques (analytical modeling, simulations and measurements)
  • Integration of certification in requirements engineering
  • Integration of legal certification in software engineering processes using MDE principles:
    • Integration of legal policies in requirements engineering and Domain-specific languages for software design
    • Integration of various estimation and evaluation techniques and certification processes.
  • Certification, estimation and evaluation of non-functional properties in different system kinds (Information systems, embedded systems, automotive systems, operating systems, Service Oriented Systems, Health-care systems)
  • Integration of safety analysis in a model-driven engineering approach

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