Rigorous Embedded Design 2011

April 10th, 2011      Salzburg, Austria (within EuroSys 2011) organised and funded by ARTIST 



The design of embedded systems radically differs from pure software design in that it should take into account not only functional but also extra-functional specifications regarding the use of resources of the execution platform such as time, memory and energy. Meeting extra-functional specifications is essential for the design of embedded systems. It requires predictability of the impact of design choices on the overall behaviour of the designed system. It also implies a deep understanding of the interaction between application software and the underlying execution platform. We currently lack approaches for modelling mixed hardware-software systems. There are currently no established rigorous techniques for deriving global models of a given system from models of its application software and its execution platform. However, a banch of researchers and industrials are working in this area and are proposing solutions that have to be discussed.


The objective of the workshop is to discuss new methodologies for the rigorous design of embedded systems. Through a series of invited talks, the workshop will survey some of the challenges and emerging approaches in the area. A series of design flows will be presented. The workshop will mainly discuss performance analysis, correctness (high confidence and security), code generation, and modeling aspects (including timed scheduling and software/hardware interactions). Those concepts shall be illustrated with examples coming from the aeronautic, automotive, and robotic areas. Interactions between industrials and academic researchers will be facilitated through a series of open discussion sessions (maybe an interaction between theoretical and more practical presentations).


This will be the first edition of the workshop at EUROSYS. Similar workshops have been proposed during past ESWEEKs and Cyber Physical Systems Week.

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