Rigorous Embedded Design 2011

April 10th, 2011      Salzburg, Austria (within EuroSys 2011) organised and funded by ARTIST 


  • 9h - 10h: Kim Larsen Timing and Performance Analysis Using Timed Automata.

  • 10h - 10.30h: Coffee break

  • 10.30h - 11.15h: Kai Lampka: "Compositionality and Heterogeneity: Incorporating formal Methods in the Design Cycle of Embedded Real-time Systems"

  • 11.15h - 12h: Christoph Kirsch: "Virtualizing Time, Space, and Power for Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing"

  • 12h-13.30h: Lunch

  • 13.30h-14.15h: Joseph Sifakis: "A Vision for Computer Science: The System Perspective"

  • 14.15h-15h: Bertrand Jeannet: "Improving the precision of abstract interpretation analysis with widening in presence of complex control structures"

  • 15h-15.30h: Coffee break

  • 15.30h-16.30h: Wang Yi: "The Digraph Real-Time Task Model"

  • 16.30h-17.15h: Jonas Rox: "Using Compositional Performance Analysis for Obtaining Viable End-to-End Latencies in Distributed Embedded Systems"

  • 17.15h-18h: Dejan Nickovic: "Monitoring properties of AMS designs"

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