Fourth IEEE International workshop UML and Formal Methods


June 20th, 2011      Lero, Limerick, Ireland (FM 2011) sponsored by Artist organised with Artist partners 

Fourth IEEE International workshop UML and Formal Methods

Held in conjunction with the 17th International Symposium on Formal Methods, FM 2011

Technical Co-sponsorship from IEEE France Section and SEE
Many interest groups from a research perspective are in favour of the creation of this workshop.

For more than a decade now, the two communities of UML and formal methods have been working together to produce a simultaneously practical (via UML) and rigorous (via formal methods) approach to software engineering.

UML is the de facto standard for modelling various aspects of software systems in both industry and academia, despite the inconvenience that its current specification is complex and its syntax imprecise.

The fact that the UML semantics is too informal have led many researchers to formalize it with all kinds of existing formal languages, like OCL, Z, B, CSP, VDM, Petri Nets, UPPAAL, HOL, Coq, PVS etc.

This fourth workshop will be open to various subjects as the main objective is to encourage new initiatives of building bridges between informal, semi-formal and formal notations.

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