June 20th, 2011      Lero, Limerick, Ireland (FM 2011) sponsored by Artist organised with Artist partners 

Programme and slides

10:15 Presentation of the UML&FM’2011 workshop
  • Isabelle Perseil. "ALF Formal"

COFFEE BREAK: 10:30-11:00

SESSION 1: 11:00-12:00
  • Neeraj Singh and Dominique Mery. "A Generic Framework: from Modeling to Code"
  • J Paul Gibson, Jean-Luc Raffy and Eric Lallet. "Formal Object Oriented Development of a Voting System Test Oracle"

SESSION 2: 12:00-13:00
  • Jonathan Lasalle, Fabien Peureux and Frederic Fondement. "Development of an automated MBT toolchain from UML/SysML models"
  • Iulia Dragomir, Ileana Ober and Iulian Ober. "UML / SysML semantic tunings"
  • Samir Chouali and Ahmed Hammad. "Formal verification of components assembly based on SysML and interface automata"

LUNCH: 13:00-14:00

SESSION 3: 14:00-15:30
  • Shoichiro Fujiwara, Kazuki Munakata, Tadahiro Uehara, Yoshiharu Maeda and Asako Katayama. "Test Data Generation for Web Application using a UML Class Diagram with OCL Constraints"
  • Andreas Bollin. "Coupling-based UML Transformations of Formal Z Specifications"
  • Thiago C. De Sousa, Colin F. Snook and Paulo Sérgio Muniz Silva. "A Proposal for Extending UML-B to Support a Conceptual Model"
  • Jérémy Milhau, Akram Idani, Regine Laleau, Mohamed Amine Labiadh, Yves Ledru and Marc
    Frappier. "Combining UML and B for the Formal Specification of an Access Control Filter"

COFFEE BREAK: 15:30-16:00

SESSION 4: 16:00-16:40
  • Daniel Calegari and Nora Szasz. "Institutionalising UML 2.0 State Machines"


18:30 Buses depart for Banquet (Knappogue Castle Dinner registrations on FM 2011 registration site)
19:30 Banquet

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