ARTIST2 Workshop Beyond AutoSar

March 23-24, 2006       Innsbrück Austria organised and funded by ARTIST 


Objectives and Scope

  • System modelling and design activities are currently providing key technologies for advancement to the European automotive industry.
  • Today, software functions are generally implemented on separate ECUs, with little reuseability or hardware independence. Existing reusable subsystems are integrated late in the design process.
  • The industry is now moving towards new approaches that would allow the integration of middleware and software services acting across several ECUs, allowing deployment of applications independently from the actual computing architecture.
  • The AUTOSAR consortium has made progress towards improving component and sub-system integration. Remaining open issues include capturing and modelling end-to-end characteristics, both functional and extra-functional (e.g., related to timing) and defining a rich component model supporting such end-to-end analyses.
  • This workshop will gather key industry players from AUTOSAR and key scientists to discuss fundamental issues for embedded automotive systems design. It will consist of industrial presentations and in-depth technical panel discussions.
  • A designated sub-group will write up the main findings, conclusions, and recommended work directions from the workshop on Saturday, March 25th.

Application / Registration

  • We expect strong demand for this workshop. To ensure effectiveness, we will select the participants. Please be sure to register your application for participation via the web site! (see link above)
  • Early applicants (before Feb 20th) who are accepted will receive confirmation on Feb 24th. The final deadline for application/registration will be March 10th , with confirmation on March 15th .

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