Workshop: Distributed Embedded Systems

November 21-24, 2005       Leiden, The Netherlands sponsored by Artist 


General overview

Programme overview

The workshop will have two parts.
  • The first two days are devoted to a limited set of scientific presentations and (lots of) discussions concerning three major areas:

- (1) Modular design strategies for distributed embedded systems (composable analysis methods; rich component concepts, design methodologies)

- (2) Predictability and Efficiency (exploitation of the trade-off; approaches to predictability vs. efficiency from hardware platforms to software systems)

- (3) Design Space Exploration and Application Scenarios (applications in automotive, sensor and actuator networks, mechatronics; multi-objective optimization and bio-inspired exploration methods)

As embedded systems are becoming more and more distributed and are comprised of an increasing number of co-operating individual components, we think that the above areas pose specific scientific challenges and lead to an emerging paradigm shift in design and analysis.
  • The third and fourth day are devoted to Performance Analysis of Embedded Systems. The idea would be to:
    - (a) define a set of benchmark examples
    - (b) compare existing methods such as real-time calculus, holistic methods, Symta/S, timed automata

The workshop was a ’real’ workshop in the sense that actually the benchmarks were defined and the comparison was done during the meeting.

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