ICE 2012

June 16th, 2012      KTH in Stockholm (Sweden) (satellilte of DisCoTec'12) organised with Artist partners 

Paper Submission

Submission Guidelines

Papers must report previously unpublished work and not be submitted to another conference/workshops with refereed proceedings. Programme Committee members, barring the co-chairs, may (and indeed are encouraged) to contribute. Accepted papers must be presented at the workshop by one of the authors.

Submissions must be made electronically in PDF format via EasyChair and should not exceed 15 pages with EPTCS style.

Selection procedure

The workshop proposes an innovative paper selection mechanism based on an interactive discussion amongst authors and PC members. As shown by the past edition of ICE, this considerably improves the quality of the papers, the reviews and the discussion during the workshop. We continue by detailing the selection procedure.
  1. After the submission deadline expires, each PC member declares her/his conflicts and preferences on papers.
  2. Organisers assign at least three anonymous reviewers to each paper.
  3. Organisers publish each submitted paper on a Wiki and at the same time they creat a discussion forum associated to the paper such that
    • PC members can participate to any forum (provided that (s)he is not in conflict with the associated paper) so to enhance discussions (and hence reviews).
    • Authors have access only to forums associated to their own papers.
    • Organisers can intervene in any forum.
    • The access to the forum is initially restricted to the authors of the associated paper and to all non-conflicting PC members, and to all the organisers.
    • PC members are allowed to post comments/questions which other participants admitted to the forum may reply to.
  4. Organisers participate to all discussions and possibly solicit participation on controversial disputes.
    At the end of the discussion, the PC selects papers by considering not only the comments of the referees, but the whole discussion.

This selection procedure requires some efforts of the organisers, the reviewers and the authors but have been rather rewarding. In fact, on the one hand, reviewers may rapidly clarify possible blur aspects of papers by interacting with authors for elucidations; on the other hand, authors may better understand and address the comments of the reviewers.

Discussion forum

At least one author of each submitted paper must register at the discussion forum by
  1. Choosing a nickname and a password;
  2. Registering by clicking on the Register button, then accepting the rules and providing the necessary information;
  3. Notifying the organisers of their chosen nickname by sending an email to the address, which will be communicated to authors upon submission of their paper.


The ICE 2012 post-proceedings will be published in Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (EPTCS). Electronic pre-proceedings will be available for all participants.

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