ArtistDesign Year2 Review

February 11-12, 2010      Brussels, Belgium

Plenary: Review Preparation Meeting and General Assembly

Wednesday Feb 10th 2010

evening Joint dinner with members of the COMBEST consortium
We will meet in the lobby of the hotel at 19:30, to go to the restaurant together.
NB: The Commission doesn’t allow one partner to pay for costs incurred by another partner, so each will need to pay their own meal.

Thursday Feb 11th, 2010 - Plenary Review Preparation Meeting and General Assembly

Venue for the plenary: Hotel St Catherine
NB: The Review is in a SEPARATE location!

Informal Cluster and Activity Meetings

9:00 Cluster/activity meetings
Parallel meeting rooms (28m2 each) have been reserved for :
- Operating Systems and Networks (Giorgio Buttazzo)
- Timing Analysis (Björn Lisper / Reinhard Wilhelm)
- Industrial Applications (Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli)
Indications to reach the rooms will be available on-site (some are in a next-door hotel).
You will need to bring your own video projector.
The main meeting room will remain available during this time.
10:45 break — at the IBIS ST CATHERINE
11:00 Cluster meetings continue
12:00 Lunch (on site)
*** We’ll reserve (and pay for) according to the number of persons registered.
If your plans change, please be sure to re-register and let us know.
The Strategic Management Board will meet over lunch.

Administrative Aspects

13:30 Consortium Agreement - Liliane Pereira (Floralis)
Financial Reporting - Olivier Guérard (Floralis)
Technical Coordination - Bruno Bouyssounouse (UJF/Verimag)

General Assembly

14:00 chair: Joseph Sifakis
  • Work on Education for ES
  • Schools in Y3
    • Artist main Summer School
    • Artist Summer School in China
    • European-SouthAmerican School for Embedded Systems
    • Engineering / postdoctoral schools
  • Spreading Excellence: other events planned for Year 3
    • workshops
    • student/researcher visits
    • special publications
  • "Integration Driven by Industrial Applications" activity
  • Overview/status of each Cluster and Transversal Activity
  • Planning next steps and meetings

Each partner must have a senior representative present.
16:30 break

Review of each speaker’s slide presentations

17:00 We’ll quickly review the slide presentations for Friday, for comments (all partners present)
19:30 Dinner
We’ll meet in the hotel lobby and go to dinner together (unfortunately, the Commission’s rules - now strictly enforced - require each participant to pay their own meals.

Friday Feb 12th, 2010 - Year 2 Review

Please note that the review is in a different venue (Beaulieu).
Full information is here.

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