ArtistDesign Year2 Review

February 11-12, 2010      Brussels, Belgium

Y2 Review Report

Documents from the Commission

Review conclusion (page 14)

The ArtistDesign Network of Excellence continues to make an impressive and remarkable work in building a durable European research community on Embedded Systems Design. Results of these integration efforts can be perceived in the number of embedded systems related projects started at European and national level, on the number of related organised workshops, events, summer schools, joint publications, etc. All these dissemination actions (and more) are nicely collected and presented in the Artist we portal which we believe should be considered best practice. It is important to keep this effort going and to go beyond the borders of Europe.
At the review meeting, presentations were at the right level of detail, well presented; however, the timing was sometimes a problem. Recommendations made by the reviewers during the previous reporting period were correctly taken into account by the Consortium.

Recommendations (page 12)

The reviewers have made a number of recommendations, both globally and for each cluster - please read these carefully.

Y3 Review Planned

  • ArtistDesign Y3 Preparation Day and Review will be held Thursday-Friday February 23rd-24th, 2011 in Brussels.
    NB: This is probably actually Wednesday-Thursday. To be confirmed soon.
  • Deliverables should be available by Dec 18th, 2010.
  • The financial information should be made available before Feb 2nd, 2011.

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