FCC 2007

July 4-5, 2007       Venice, Italy organised and funded by ARTIST 


9h00 Registration/welcome
9h30 Automatic Verification of Simulatability in Security Protocols
Tadashi Araragi and Olivier Pereira
10h00 On the Combination of Functionalities for Secure Protocols
Kenji Imamoto, Tadashi Araragi and Kouichi Sakurai.
10h30 break
11h00 Adaptive Soundness of Static Equivalence
Steve Kremer and Laurent Mazaré.
11h30 Deciding key cycles for security protocols
Veronique Cortier and Eugen Zalinescu
12h00 lunch
14h00 Crypto-Verifying Protocol Implementations in ML
Karthikeyan Bhargavan, Ricardo Corin and Cedric Fournet.
14h39 Computationally Sound Mechanized Proof of PKINIT for Kerberos
Aaron D. Jaggard, Andre Scedrov and Joe-Kai Tsay.
15h30 break
16h00 A Formalism for Parallel Key Search
Graham Steel and Judicaël Courant.
16h30 A Cryptographic Model for Branching Time Security Properties the Case of Contract Signing Protocols
Veronique Cortier, Ralf Kuesters and Bogdan Warinschi
17h00 Computational Soundness of Formal Encryption in Coq
Ricardo Corin

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