October 28th, 2010      Scottsdale, Arizona (USA), within ESWeek 2010 organised and funded by ARTIST 

Programme & Slides

Download the proceedings here.
8:30 am Kenneth Ricks (U. Alabama, US), Bruno Bouyssounouse (IMAG, France): Opening
8:40 am Morning Keynote: Edward A. Lee, Sanjit A. Seshia (UC Berkeley, USA): An Introductory Textbook on Cyber-Physical Systems
9:30 am break
10:00 am Sin Ming Loo, Josh Kiepert, Michael Pook, Jim Hall, Derek Klein, Vikram Patel, Carl Lee, Arlen Planting (Boise State University, Boise, USA): From Scratch to System: A Hands-on Introductory Embedded Systems Course
10:30 am Alexander G. Dean (NCSU, Raleigh, USA): Teaching Optimization of Time and Energy in Embedded Systems
11:00 am Bruno Bouyssounouse (VERIMAG Laboratory, France): Common Technical Baseline - A common reference of concepts and definitions across all industrial sectors
11:30 am Meng-Ting Wang (NTHU), Po-Chun Huang (NTU), Jenq-Kuen Lee (NTHU), Shang-Hong Lai (NTHU), Roger Jang (NTHU), Chun-Fa Chang (NTNU), Chih-Wei Liu (NCTU), Tei-Wei Kuo (NTU), Steve Liao (Google) (Taiwan, ROC): Support of Android Lab Modules for Embedded System Curriculum
12:00 am lunch
1:00 pm Afternoon Keynote: Philip Koopman (CMU, Pittsburgh, USA): Risk Areas In Embedded Software Industry Projects
1:50 pm Discussion: How to teach cyber-physical systems?
2:30 am Samia Bouzefrane (CNAM, Paris, France): The Embedded and Mobile Systems Master at the CNAM of Paris
3:00 pm Matthew H. Netkow (SAVO, Chicago, USA), Dennis Brylow (Marquette U., Milwaukee, USA): Xest: An Automated Framework for Regression Testing of Embedded Software
3:30 pm break
4:00 pm André Stollenwerk, Andreas Derks, Stefan Kowalewski (RWTH Aachen, Germany), Falk Salewski (Lacroix Electronics, Willich, Germany): A Modular, Robust and Open Source Microcontroller Platform for Broad Educational Usage
4:30 pm discussion What have we learned today?
5:00 pm close

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