ArtistDesign Year1 Review

January 22-23, 2009       Brussels, Belgium

Y1 Review Report

Documents from the Commission

Overall conclusions

The ArtistDesign Network of Excellence has made an impressive and remarkable work during this first year. The Community is well established. It is a very active, visible and high energy community with a worldwide impact. This is shown by the research output, the website, the summer schools, the joint publications as well as by the generated projects both at European level (FP7, Artemis) and at national level.
At the review meeting, presentations were at the right level of detail, well presented and the timing was good.

  • The NoE project continues to be well on track, with a lot of high-quality research and internal communication activities in all the clusters.
  • Quality management - the technical deliverables were on time.
  • There is a very good integration between the different partners.
  • The website continues to be intensively used as a dissemination tool for interaction in the clusters and as a means to inform the global embedded system’s community.

  • Prepare in a more timely fashion the financial management documents delivered on time.


  • Recommendation 1:
    ArtistDesign worldwide impact could be accelerated by establishing a more direct link with ACM SIGBED. For example, with a minimum effort, links between the SIGBED and ARTISTDESIGN websites could be established. ArtistDesign could also supply information for the SIGBED review (information about and summary of meetings, initiatives, etc.)
  • Recommendation 2:
    The Common Technical Baseline initiative is extremely promising. In fact, it would be useful considering extending its goal and scope and creating an international activity patterned after the UMLS (Unified Medical Language System) in the medical field. ( It could be an interesting topic for the EU-US collaborative activities, and very beneficial for the educational organizations.
  • Recommendation 3:
    Concerning technical deliverables for Year 2 reporting period onwards and in order to avoid redundancy, we would like to propose the possibility of having just incremental documents containing only what is new for that reporting period and referring to previous year’s documents for the unchanged sections.

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