December 8th, 2009       Rio de Janeiro, Brasil organised and funded by ARTIST 


This workshop seeks contributions from researchers and practitioners
interested in all aspects of integrating UML and formal methods. To this
end, we solicit papers related to, but not limited to, the following principal topics:
  • Consistent specifications, model transformations (QVT technologies,
    transformation repositories). Transformations to make models more
    analyzable so as to make them executable.
  • Automation of traceability through transformations
  • Refinement techniques: developing detailed design from a UML abstract
  • Refinement of OCL specification as well
  • Formal reasoning on models for code generation
  • Technologies for compositional verification of models
  • Specification of a formal semantics for the UML. Giving an abstract
    syntax to UML diagrams
  • Formal validation and verification of software
  • Co-modeling methods formal/informal mapping techniques
  • End-to-end methodologies or software process engineering,
    correct-by-construction design providing and supporting tools for
    safety-critical embedded systems design

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