December 8th, 2009       Rio de Janeiro, Brasil organised and funded by ARTIST 

Programme and slides

09:00 Opening

SESSION 1: Generic aspects

- 09:05 Isabelle Perseil, Laurent Pautet:
"Formal Methods Integration in Software Engineering"
- 09:20 Volker Stolz:
"An Integrated Multi-View Model Evolution Framework"
- 09:40 Ileana Ober, Louis Féraud, Christian Percebois:
"Dealing With Variability Within a Family Of Domain Specific Languages: Comparative Analysis Of Various Techniques"

- 10:00 - 10:30 COFFEE BREAK

SESSION 2: Integration

- 10:30 André L.N. Muniz, Aline M.S Andrade, George Lima:
"Integrating UML and UPPAAL for Designing, Specifying and Verifying Component-Based Real-Time Systems"
- 10:50 Toshiyuki Miyamoto, Hiroyuki Kurahata, Taku Fujii, Ryoji Hosokawa:
"Synthesis of State Machine Diagrams from Communication Diagrams by Using Petri Nets"
- 11:10 Régine Laleau, Farida Semmak, Abderrhaman Matoussi, Dorian Petit, Ahmed Hammad, Bruno Tatibouet:
"A First Attempt to Combine SysML Requirements Diagrams and B"
- 11:30 Bernardo F.B. Braga, Joao Paulo A. Almeida, Giancarlo Guizzardi, Alessander B.Benevides:
"Transforming OntoUML into Alloy: Towards Conceptual Model Validation using a Lightweight Formal Method"

12:00 - 14:00 LUNCH

SESSION 3: Executable Platforms

- 14:00 Pablo Penil, Eugenio Villar, Hector Posadas, Julio Medina:
"Generating Heterogeneous Executable Specifications in SystemC from UML/MARTE Models"
- 14:20 Vlad Rusu:
"Formal Executable Semantics for Conformance in the MDE Framework"
- 14:40 Helle Hvid Hansen, Jeroen Ketema, Bas Luttik, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Jaco van de Pol:
"Towards Model Checking Executable UML Specifications in mCRL2"
- 15:00 Luis S.Barbosa, Sun Meng:
"Bringing Class Diagrams to Life"

15:30 - 16:00 COFFEE BREAK

SESSION 4: Real-time, embedded and complex systems

- 16:00 Frédéric Mallet, Julien deAntoni, Charles André, Robert de Simone:
"CCSL gives the SDF semantics to UML models"
- 16:20 Emerson Andrade, Paulo Maciel, Tiago Falcao, Bruno Nogueira, Carlos Araujo, Gustavo Callou:
"An Approach for Estimating Performance and Energy Consumption in Component-Based Embedded Real-Time Systems"
- 16:40 Christiano Braga, Edward Hermann Haeusler:
"Lightweight Analysis of Access Control Models with Description Logic"
- 17:00 Saqui-Sannes, T.Villemur, B.Fontan, S.Mota, M.S. Boussida, N.Chridi, I.Chrisment, L.Vigneron:
"UML Modeling and Formal Verification of Secure Group Communication Protocols"

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