April 12th, 2010      Stockholm, Sweden, (in conjunction with CPSWEEK 2010) organised and funded by ARTIST 


Contributions are sought in (but are not limited to) the following topics:
  • Adaptive and dynamic controls for energy management (production, distribution and use)
  • Design and optimization of large-scale heterogeneous architectures for reliable and real-time communication
  • ICT infrastructures for energy management and smart applications.
  • Pervasive and friendly user interfaces for user awareness on energy consumption and context-based system usage.
  • Standards and interoperability for energy efficient and smart embedded system infrastructures.
  • Systems-thinking, multi-stakeholder, and multi-disciplinary design and construction of sustainable and energy-efficient facilities.
  • Analytic, simulation and prototype-based approaches to assess environmental performance of buildings, and allowing optimization and trade-off assessment based on multi-criteria constraints.
  • Model-based engineering for energy-efficient embedded system infrastructure, including controls, software components and execution platform.
  • Application-specific methods for design and implementation of energy-efficient infrastructures, including building applications and green vehicles.
  • New business opportunities

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