April 12th, 2010      Stockholm, Sweden, (in conjunction with CPSWEEK 2010) organised and funded by ARTIST 


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We are happy to announce that GREEMBED 2010 presentations feature a mix of prominent industry/research leaders and high-quality sessions:

Session 1: ICT for Energy Efficiency in Buildings 9:00-11:00

  • Introduction by Organizers, Presentation
  • INVITED SPEAKER: Juan Perez (Labein-TECNALIA, Spain), "REEB - The European Strategic Research Roadmap to ICT enabled Energy-Efficiency in Building and Construction", Paper | Presentation
  • INVITED SPEAKER: Anke Weidlich (SAP, Germany), "Enterprise Integration for Decentralized Energy Management", Presentation
  • INVITED SPEAKER: Jose-Javier De Las Heras (ACCIONA, Spain) "EDIANA - Embedded Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings", Paper | Presentation

Session 2: User interfaces for Energy Awareness 11:00-12:15

  • INVITED SPEAKER: Régis Decorme (CSTB, France), "IntUBE - Intelligent Use of Buildings’ Energy Information – Energy Challenge Concept", Paper | Presentation
  • INVITED SPEAKER: Carin Torstensson (Interactive Institute, Sweden), "BeAware– Boosting Energy Awareness, presentation of the pilot phase on 8 households", Paper
  • INTERACTIVE SESSION - Short quiz on energy awareness + brainstorming session with the audience on “user interfaces for energy awareness: content and layout” (chaired by IntUBE and BeAware project partners), Presentation

Session 3: Smart Buildings & Smart Grids 13:30-15:15

  • INVITED SPEAKER: Hakan Johansson (ABB, Sweden), “Smart Grid Activities at ABB”, Presentation
  • "Energy Saving Information Platform: ENERsip", Boris Kantsepolsky (MOTOROLA, Israel) and Rafael Morillo (AMPLIA, Spain), Paper | Presentation
  • "Scheduling energy consumption with local renewable micro-generation and dynamic electricity prices", Onur Derin & Alberto Ferrante (University of Lugano, Switzerland), Paper | Presentation
  • "DSM in Spain. GAD Project", Laura Moreno (ITE, Spain), Susana Bañares (REE, Spain), Isabel Navalón (Iberdrola, Spain) and Alfredo Quijano (ITE, Spain), Paper | Presentation

Session 4: System and Control Engineering for EE in Buildings 15:30-17:15

  • INVITED SPEAKER: Sylvain Robert (CEA: Commissariat á l’Energie Atomique, France), "The CLIMB project - Implementing the Building Information Model to Optimize Energy Efficiency" (CANCELED)
  • "Adopting system engineering methodology to Virtual Power System design flow", Slobodan Lukovic, Igor Kaitovic & Umberto Bondi (University of Lugano, Switzerland), Paper | Presentation
  • "Optimised Embedded Distributed Controller for Automated Lighting Systems", Alie El-Din Mady, Menouer Boubekeur & Gregory Provan (University College Cork, Ireland), Paper | Presentation
  • "Embedded Controllers for Increasing HVAC Energy Efficiency", Jiri Vass, Jana Trojanova, Radek Fisera & Jiri Rojicek (Honeywell, Czech Republic), Paper | Presentation
  • Wrap up , Presentation

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