Architecture Analysis & Design Language

The SAE AADL is an extensible architecture analysis and design language for embedded and real-time systems.

The core language provides a precise semantic specification for modeling task and communication architectures and their mapping onto distributed execution platforms.

What AADL can do
  • Represent embedded systems as component-based system architecture
  • Model component interactions as flows, service calls, and shared access
  • Model task execution and communication with precise timing semantics
  • Model execution platform and specify application binding
  • Represent operational modes and fault tolerant configurations
  • Support component evolution and large-scale development
  • Accommodate analyses such as reliability &safety- criticality through extensions

What are the benefits
  • Prediction and validation of runtime characteristics such as availability, timeliness, security;
  • Validated system architectures and implementations;
  • Improved development process through single annotated architecture model;
  • AADL as part of a model-based engineering enterprise solution;
  • AADL models as deliverables and subcontractor management;
  • interoperability & integration of commercial and in- house tools.

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