DECOS Dependable Embedded Components and Systems is an integrative project that will develop the basic enabling technology to move from a federated distributed architecture to an integrated distributed architecture in order to reduce development, production and maintenance cost and increase the dependability of embedded applications in many application domains. DECOS plans to develop technology invariant software interfaces and encapsulated virtual networks with predictable temporal properties such that application software can be transferred to a new hardware and communication base with minimal effort (legacy re-use). The DECOS methodology and the tools will be evaluated by building three applications in the automotive, aerospace and control domain, respectively. DECOS builds on the substantial results of previous European research projects (NextTTA, FIT, TTA, SETTA, RISE, X-By-Wire, PDCS, DEVA, DSOS). The components and tools developed within DECOS will cover: cluster design, middleware and code generators, validation and certification as well as systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) for high dependability applications.

DECOS aims at maintaining and significantly enhancing Europe’s pre-eminent competitive position in technology and application areas and will open an emerging market for tool suppliers. The integrating effect of the project will result in continued future cooperation between the partners and will create the basis for an emerging technology platform for dependable embedded systems.

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