The design of embedded computing systems, both the software and hardware, increasingly relies on sophisticated algorithms, analytical models, and methodologies. ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS) aims to present the leading work relating to the analysis, design, behavior, and experience with embedded computing systems.

ACM TECS special issues serve several purposes: they provide a well-defined location for papers that relate to a common theme; they can serve as a catalyst for an emerging field by providing that highly-visible forum for the topic; and they encourage authors to submit high-quality work by providing them with a focused review process and publication schedule. TECS is committed to providing adequate space to regular submissions to the transactions, but TECS is also happy to provide room for special issues of interest to the embedded systems community.

A special issue may be instigated by the TECS editorial staff or may be proposed by potential guest editor(s). The special issue associate editor works with the TECS editorial staff to refine the special issue’s call for papers and set a timetable for submission and review. The call for papers is then publicized through a variety of mechanisms: notices in TECS and other publications, Web sites, flyers at conferences etc.

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