EU/IST FP6 Artist2 NoE
Cluster: Control for Embedded Systems
An important result of the EU ARTIST FP5 project was four roadmaps on Hard Real-Time Development Environments, Component-Based Design and Implementation Platforms,
Adaptive Real-Time Systems for Quality of Service Management, and Execution Platforms respectively, [Bouyssounouse and Sifakis, 2005]. The current roadmap written by the partners of the Control for Embedded Systems cluster within the EU/IST FP6 Network of Excellence ARTIST2 is focused on real-time implementation techniques for embedded and networked control systems. A special emphasis is put on the interactions between the control, computing, and communication subsystems, the influences these interactions have on control performance, as well as different ways to handle the interactions.

In addition this roadmap describes the state of the art concerning techniques for implementing real-time control systems, analyzes the challenges posed by the new applications, and proposes a number of key developments to face these challenges.

Similar to the ARTIST roadmaps this roadmap is intended as a roadmap for research rather than an roadmap on industrial R & D in general. The roadmap is not a roadmap on control of computing systems. For this subject a separate complementary roadmap has been developed.

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