ARTIST2 Graduate Course on Embedded Control Systems

May 26-30, 2008       Stockholm, Sweden organised and funded by ARTIST 


The Control for Embedded systems cluster, within the ARTIST2 network of excellence, announces a Graduate Course on Embedded Control Systems. The course will take place 26-30 May, 2008, at KTH in Stockholm.
The course during 2008 will be the 4th in a successful series of course instances, providing an overview and account of state of the art theory and techniques that address the connection and integration of the areas of Control systems and Embedded systems.

Content of the course

The course covers:
  • Basic concepts on embedded control systems from the control point of view
  • Interaction between the control design and control implementation
  • Real-Time implementation of control algorithms in a multitasking environment
  • Analysis of the effects of the execution platform on control performance
  • Control-based approaches for modeling, analysis, and design of embedded control and communications systems
  • Co-design tools for analysis and simulation of embedded control systems
  • An Overview of different off-line scheduling problems found in embedded systems

This Graduate Course on Embedded Control Systems is organized by ARTIST 2 Control for Embedded systems cluster.

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