ARTIST2 Graduate Course on Embedded Control Systems

May 26-30, 2008       Stockholm, Sweden organised and funded by ARTIST 

Format and target public

Format of the course

The course consists of lectures and laboratory exercises. Through the laboratory exercises the participants get hands-on experience of embedded control developed both using micro-controllers and using multi-thread approaches. The course ends by several industrial presentations including representatives from the telecom, automotive, automation, modeling and simulation fields.

Who is it intended for ?

The course is intended for PhD students and engineers with background in control engineering and/or real-time systems.

No specific knowledge is required to understand the course, since all new concepts are explained and illustrated with concrete examples. In order to cater for the diversity in student background, part of the first day is split in two parallel preparatory tracks.


The course is free of charge. For PhD students substantially discounted accommodation will be provided at Youth hostels located centrally in Stockholm.

The number of participants is limited to 35.

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