ARTIST2 Timing Analysis activity meeting 2008

March 13th, 2008       Munich, Germany organised and funded by ARTIST 

ARTIST2 Timining Analysis Activity Meeting


Objectives: ARTIST2-related information within the timing analysis part of the cluster, discussion of timing analysis activities until the end of ARTIST2.


- Björn Lisper, Mälardalen University, activity leader
- Reinhard Wilhelm, Saarland University
- Rathijit Sen, Saarland University (minutes)
- Iain Bate, University of York
- Christian Ferdinand, AbsInt GmbH
- Niklas Holsti, Tidorum Oy
- Peter Puschner, TU Vienna
- Raimund Kirner, TU Vienna


Opening of meeting

1. Previous ARTIST2 Review

- See web site
- Report from Review Meeting

2. ARTIST2 final review 11-12 Dec. 2009 (info)

3. Final ARTIST2 Summer School, Sep. 2008
- see website

4. ARTIST-DESIGN Cluster Workshop in Schloss Rheinfels, June 16-17th 2008
- see web site

5. Promises for Y4 (until Sep. 2008): what can we realistically achieve?

6. WCET Challenge 2008 (Niklas)

7. Towards A Common WCET Annotation Language - Discussion of proposal
- Technical Report, Raimund Kirner
- Essential Ingredients for a WCET Annotation Language, Raimund Kirner
- Cooperation Framework, Raimund Kirner

8. ALF: short status report (Björn Lisper)

9. Short presentations of new FP7 projects of potential relevance for
the cluster:
- ALL-TIMES (Björn Lisper)
- PREDATOR (Reinhard)
- MERASA (Björn, on the behalf of Guillem)

10. Other issues
Conclusions: Minutes from the meeting

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