ARTIST WS: Tool Platforms for ES Modelling, Analysis and Validation

July 1-2, 2007       Berlin, Germany (satellite event of CAV 2007) organised and funded by ARTIST 

About the Artist2 NoE

This workshop is an initiative of the ARTIST2 network of excellence on embedded systems design. The strategic objective of ARTIST is to strengthen European research in Embedded Systems Design, and promote the emergence of this new multi-disciplinary area. Operationally, this is expected to be achieved by integrating the teams, and building excellence. The aim it to gather together the best European teams from the composing disciplines and forging a scientific community so as to build a durable European research community on Embedded Systems Design.

The ARTIST NoE intends to integrate teams and competencies from 7 essential topics: Modelling and Components, Hard Real-Time, Adaptive Real-Time, Compilers and Timing Analysis, Execution Platforms, Control for Embedded Systems, Testing and Verification. The Network of Excellence acts as a Virtual Centre of Excellence in the area of Embedded Systems Design.

The workshop is the initiative of the ARTIST platforms. The aim of the ARTIST platforms is to achieve a convergence between development methods and tools and formal approaches to validation, so at to eventually tightly integrate verification with the development of embedded systems.

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